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ADH Collection is an luxury urban apparel brand with limited and exclusive pieces dropping year round. The Founders-of ADH Collection Karl Jernigan Aka Wop & Marcus McPhail aka Slim started the company in the summer of 2014 with Donte Lawrence aka Del joining in 2016. It started from the love we have for fashion, being different and standing out anywhere we are.


1830 is something that is deeply embedded with ADH, it is the birth dates of the founders and the number also means "To prosper and be successful at all times under god.

Unique clothing designs have always been the starting point of our connection between community and friendship. Lending clothes to friends at a young age was the first step to acknowledging the benefits of sharing, compromising and creating a space for everyone to shine just like us. Clothes allowed individuals, our friends, and us to look good, feel good and foster a platform exclusively for us.


Clothing connects people to the various forms of Hustlers - people who are achievers, determined and dedicated to elevate their hustle. Changing the bad stigma and narrative drowning the word "Hustle"or“Hustler” has allowed us to create a clothing brand for men and women, especially, young black men to thrive and empower others to respect different pathways to success & to understand that entrepreneurship is not a linear process.


You define the hustle the hustle doesn't define you.  

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